Frequently Asked Questions

What is this "Questionable Content" thing about, anyway?
Questionable Content (or "QC," as it is frequently abbreviated) is an online comic strip that is ostensibly about romance, indie rock, little robots, and the problems people have. For a more detailed explanation (including spoilers, beware) why not check out the WikiPedia page?

How often does it update?
QC updates five days a week, Monday through Friday. Actual update times vary, but I try to get them up before midnight whenever possible.

Who is the person responsible for all of this? I MUST KNOW
Hi! I'm Jeph Jacques. I do the art and writing and merch design for QC. I was born on June 17, 1980 and am originally from Rockville, Maryland. I now reside in Easthampton, Massachusetts with my lovely wife and business manager Cristi. We have three bunnies. I play lots of guitar.

How do you make QC?
QC is drawn on a big old Wacom Cintiq display using Adobe Photoshop. The lettering and speech bubbles are done in Adobe Illustrator. All website stuff is done using BBEdit. I use Apple computers exclusively- my main machine is a big fancy Mac Pro with a shit-ton of RAM.

Are you a trained artist?
Does it LOOK like I'm a trained artist? Seriously though, I'm not. I studied art in high school and promptly forgot everything I knew when I went to college and got a music degree. The art in QC improves over time as I get better at drawing it.

How much time has passed in the comic?
I don't keep an exact count (because it doesn't matter) but I estimate that as of strip #1400 it will have been greater than six months and less than two years. The pace is really slow. Sorry!

When did you start doing QC?
The first strips went online on August 1, 2003.

I heard you make a living off of this comic. How does that work?
I DO make a living off of the comic. QC has supported my wife and I since September of 2004. We sell merchandise and ad space on the website.

I want to start a webcomic of my own. Any tips?
Don't suck. Practice every day. Don't suck. Pick an update schedule and stick with it. Buy your own domain name. Don't suck. Free hosting is never free. Unlimited bandwidth is never unlimited. Don't go into it expecting fame or fortune or even any recognition at all. Don't be a dick. Practice more. Don't suck.

Will you link to my comic/blog/whatever?
If you have to ask, the answer is probably no. I link to stuff I like, that's all there is to it.

Can I be your friend on facebook?
Not unless I know you personally. Also I don't really use Facebook.

Who hosts your site? Who did the coding and site design?
QC has its own dedicated server which is managed by Ashton. The backend was originally coded by an ex-girlfriend of Jeph's. Jeph does most of the CSS stuff and does not care if you don't like it.

I emailed you and you never responded! What gives!
I get a TON of email, and it is impossible for me to respond to all of it. I do read everything though, and I appreciate each and every email I recieve. Thank you for emailing me. THANK YOUUUUUUU

You mentioned you had a music degree? What the balls?
Yep, I got a BA in Music from Hampshire College. It's a pretty great school.

Are you ever going to put out a printed collection?
There are three available now in the QC store and the fourth should be out in early 2014!

What happened to [character name]? Are you going to bring him/her back?
I probably got bored of writing them, so I stopped doing it. They'll come back if it suits the story and I feel like it.

Who is Pizza Girl? When are you going to go back to that story line?
Not telling, and every time someone asks me this it makes it that much less likely that you'll ever find out.